Quick Facts

If you're in a hurry (or have a really slow connection)

Place for the weekend’s activities: Tranesgården and Skåne Tranås Youth Hostel
Address: Helgonvägen 7, 273 92 Tomelilla, Sweden

To get there: Easiest option is to fly to Copenhagen and rent a car or take the train straight from the airport to Sweden. In order to get all the way to Skåne Tranås, you would need to change trains at Malmoe Central Train station and take a train to Tomelilla, which is the station closest to Skåne Tranås. Let us know when you arrive and we’ll try to arrange transportation with other guests from Malmoe. If nothing else, we’ll make sure that you’re being picked up from Tomelilla. Lots of parking (if you decide to drive) at the youth hostel.

Main events: 

  • Aprés Ski / BBQ, Friday the eighth of August at 6 pm. Dresscode: Free, but plus points for all theme-based accessories.
  • Wedding ceremony, dinner and party, Saturday the ninth of August. Joint walk at 1 pm (sharp) from the square outside Tranesgården to the wedding ceremony. Dress code: Smart casual
  • Brunch on Sunday the 10th of August from 10 am onwards. Dresscode: Utterly free.

Children: Let us know if you want to bring your kids and we’ll work something out. Our little terrorist will take part in most of the weekend’s activities.

The Terrorist

Our little terrorist

Accommodation: We’ve booked the whole youth hostel. Booking of rooms are made through us. Other accommodation options are described on the Accommodation page.

RSVP: Ninth of May 2014.

Contact: +31 621 972798 (Joe) / +31 621 292494 (Johanna) or wedding@theschultz.se