Rest and recuperation

A few drunken steps away from the main party venue is the fabulous youth hostel of Skåne Tranås. Lots of beds at affordable prices. We’ve reserved the whole place for the weekend and hope that many of you want to stay there with us. We’ll be staying at the youth hostel from Thursday evening until the Sunday. As most of the rooms sleep three, four or five people, we’d be grateful for anyone willing to team up and share a room.

The youth hostel is old, but recently done up and is quite a nice place. We tried the place out just before Christmas and liked it even more than when we booked it. Most rooms have en-suite bathrooms.

The wedding budget doesn’t allow for extravagances such as paying for guests’ accommodation, so unfortunately, you’ll have to pay this yourself. Price is approximately SEK 250 (£25, €28) per person and night.) Sheets and towels can be rented at a cost of SEK 100 (£10, €11) per set. You’ll be asked to clean your room (empty bins, remove sheets and vacuum floors) before departure, but you can buy your way out of this for SEK 70 (sorry, can’t be bothered to do any more currency calculations) per person.

More information about the youth hostel can be found here:

To reserve a room, please e-mail us at . Please provide the following information:

  • Name of all guests
  • Arrival date and number of nights
  • If you are willing to share a room with another person / other couple and if so, who you would like to stay with.
  • If you would like breakfast at the youth hostel Saturday morning. Cost is SEK 65 per person. (We’ll fix breakfast on the Sunday.)

Other accommodation alternatives

These alternatives can be booked by yourselves.

Logi Gamlegård:
A bit more luxurious accommodation but a little bit further away. Prices from SEK 1.050 per night. Crawling distance: 3,6 km

Stora Hotellet Tomelilla-Österlen:
Main hotel in Tomelilla, closest town to Skåne Tranås. Crawling distance: 9 km

Tomelilla Golf:
Sweden’s 6th best golf course 2013. Has a small hotel and restaurant. Crawling distance: 11 km

Kåseholms Slott:
Traditional Swedish castle in the middle of nowhere. Crawling distance: 11 km

Creative options

There are possibilities to park caravans or camper vans, stay in tents or cars, pull other guests (limited options Jamie) or just sleep in a sleeping bag. Contact us and we’ll help you sort something out.

Crawling distance: Varies depending on creativity