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Österlen - Sweden's response to Cornwall

Suggestions of activities

We will get married in the heart of Österlen, a beautiful part of the county Skåne and world famous in all of Sweden. When you come over, why not take the opportunity of spending a few extra days and make the most of your visit to Sweden. You’ll find a few suggestions of our favourite spots below. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. We’ll do what we can to make your trip to Sweden a memorable one. You’ll reach us on whattodowhennotdrinking@theschultz.se.

Map of the region. Please click top right corner to open up in full size.

Simrishamn is a small fishing town not far from Skåne Tranås. You’ll find suggestions of activities and accommodations in and around the harbor on the town’s own website: www.simrishamn.se/turism/

Even better than Simrishamn is Ystad, a quaint town on the southern tip of Skåne. Ystad is best known as the home town of Kurt Wallander , but also has architecture typical for Skåne, nice cafés, bars and beaches. Read more about Ystad on the town’s own website: www.ystad.se. (The town is more fun than the website.) For an introduction to Kurt Wallander and Ystad, watch this video.

Ystad, home of Wallander

Ystad, home of Wallander

Skåneleden is a trail that weaves its way all over Skåne. Walking some of the stretches that covers Österlen is a marvellous way to experience Österlen. The bride and groom walked the stretch form Kivik to Christinehof well before they became a couple. (Actually, the groom only made it to Vantalängan due to an unfortunate conflict with a tree.) You’ll find all the information you may need of Skåneleden here: www.skaneleden.se/

Ale Stenar (translates to Ale’s Stones, but don’t expect any beers) is Österlen’s version and little brother of Stonehenge. A megalithic monument 1,400 years old, it is currently one of Österlen’s main tourist attractions and well worth a visit. Park your car in Kåseberga and walk up to the stones, enjoy the splentastic views and take a photo. Make sure to stop in the village for some fried herring with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam on the way back. Swedish food at its best. You’ll find more info here: www.ystad.se/kaseberga

Ale Stenar

Ale’s Rocks, better view than from Stonehenge.

Fancy a fika?

Several times a day, most Swedes sit down for a coffee and a chat, with or without cookies. The experience is called “fika” and is one of the words expats working in Sweden first learn to use. Österlen is literally crowded with good fika places. One of Johanna’s favourites is Olof & Viktors: www.olofviktors.se/ - Ecological, local produce, rainforest alliance, nice to foreign farmers and all these other sorts of stuff. Apparently, pretty good cakes too!

The newly opened “Kafferost” is another one of Johanna’s favourites, a place that combines coffee with wood oven baked pizzas. (I also found it to be a bit of an odd combination, but Johanna says it works well.) Have a look: www.kafferost.com/kafferosteriet/


Lots of nice beaches to choose between. You can check them out and choose here: www.badkartan.se/Österlen/. Our personal favourite is Sandhammaren.


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