Overview of a weekend in Skåne Tranås

Where to be, when…

Friday 8th of May

We will have to confirm our reservation of the youth hostel on the 8th of May, so excellent if you could let us know by this date whether or not you will attend, if you want to stay at the youth hostel, how many nights, if you’ve got any food allergies etc. Send us an e-mail to

Friday 8th of August

Check in for guests staying at the youth hostel is between 3pm and 6pm. If you’ll arrive later, please let us know by sending us an e-mail to

6pm onwards: Aprés Ski inspired BBQ, or BBQ inspired Aprés Ski, whatever you think sounds nicer. For more info, check here: ApresSki-BBQ. Guests not staying at the hostel are more than welcome to arrive earlier than 6pm, but may find themselves being asked to help out with the preparations for the big party on the Saturday.

Walking in Abisko

Walking in Abisko

Saturday 9th of August

8:30am – 10:30am Breakfast can be purchased at the youth hostel. Cost: SEK 70 / person.

11:30am – 12:30pm Lunch will be available in the kitchen – “Pyttipanna”, beetroots and eggs. As Swedish as meatballs. Grab a Swede to show you what to do or have a look at this most interesting instruction movie.

1:00pm (Sharp!) Meet up for joint walk to the wedding ceremony. Read more under Wedding Ceremony.

5pm to about 9pm (Yes, us Swedes do long dinners) Wedding breakfast (Do you still call it breakfast even when it’s this late??) will be served in Tranesgården. Read more under Wedding Party. Dinner will be held in proper Swedish style with songs and speeches. If you want to take the opportunity of telling embarrassing anecdotes from the bride’s past or publicly declare your love and admiration for the groom, please let the Master of Ceremony know via e-mail on

9pm to late. Party! Dancing, drinking, conversing with old and new friends, more food and finally that last pint we’ll all regret the day after..

Sunday 10th of August

10am -1pm Breakfast / Brunch. Our treat! Wedding guests not staying at the youth hostel are strongly encouraged to come over for something to eat, meet new found friends and to discuss episodes from the evening before.