The Wedding Ceremony

The big thing! Will she say 'yes'?

About the Ceremony

Welcome to attend the ceremony when we will become husband and wife and Miss Byrlind will metamorphose into Mrs Schultz. We’ll get married on the ninth of August 2014 (which you may have gathered already if you’ve made it this far). We’ll gather on the square outside Tranesgården (the venue for the party in the evening) for a short walk to the place of the ceremony. The walk will start at 1 pm sharp.

Following the wedding ceremony, we’ll celebrate at Tranesgården. You’ll find more information here!


Useful information:

  • The walk to the ceremony starts at 1 pm sharp
  • Lots of parking at the square or behind the youth hostel
  • Dresscode: Smart casual
  • In case of bad weather, please bring a positive attitude and an umbrella
  • Please tag any tweets or instagram photos with #theschultz

Please RSVP by the 10th of May to