Après-ski inspired BBQ…

...or BBQ inspired Après-ski

Why restrict a wedding to only one night? In order to make sure that everyone knows everyone on the day of the big event, we’ll warm up with a BBQ on Friday evening. The barbies will be ready at about 6 pm, but please feel free to arrive earlier (especially if you’re willing to help). As both bride and groom are big fans of the mountains in general and skiing in particular, we’ve decided to do the BBQ in Alpine Après-ski style. Bring a pair of goggles or a ski pole and get ready for lots of lager, glühwein, sweaty ski boots and cheesy music. Just go easy on the Jägermeister, the big party is on the Saturday.

Masters of the barbies: The adventurous Alpinists Flemming Schultz & Hasse Schultz

Dresscode: According to the season, but feel free to add a touch of the theme.